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Pugfest – Peugeot Sport Official Owners Club (PSOOC) Annual Convention, held each year at the scenic Prescott Hill climb.

1FM’s first appeared at the show in 2005 and have subsequently been on show every year.

  • 2005 - No.5, No.8 and No.13
  • 2006 - No. 8 and No.13
  • 2007 - No.5, No.8, No.13 and No.19
  • 2008 - No.1, No.7, No.8 and No.19
  • 2009 - No.1, No.5, No.7, No.8, No.17, No.19, No.25
  • 2010 - No.1, No.5, No.7, No.8, No.14, No.17, No.19
  • 2011 - No.1, No.5, No.14, No.17
  • 2012 - No.5, No.17, No.19
  • 2013 - No.1, No.5, No.7, No.17, No.19
  • 2014 - No.1, No.7, No.10, No.15, No.17, No.19
  • 2015 - No.1, No.5, No.10, No.15, No.17, No.19

In 2016 Pugfest will be held on Sunday 10th July and we’re hoping to get the biggest collection of 1FM’s together since they were first produced, 8 cars. Come and see us!





August 2009 – Club Peugeot UK National Day 
Five 1FM’s attended the 2009 day, No.1, No.5, No.14, No.17 and No.19. In 2008 No.1 and No.19 were on show. 


June 2009 – 1FM road trip and French Car Show
Rob (No.1) and Ian (No.8) took a trip in No.1 to Sheffield and Scunthorpe see No.15 and No.11, both of which were off the road. The trip finished off at the French Car Show where we joined up with Steve in No.7 and Stee in No.19. Other 205’s of note were Kev Furber’s 205 T16 and Mark’s fantastic 205 Dimma Turbo.


November 2008 – Classic Car Show at the NEC
Club Peugeot UK have a stand at this show every year. Rob was asked to exhibit his car No.1 on the stand in 2008, the car got a lot of interest over the three show days. 

September 2008 – 1FM road trip to see No.14, No.17 and No.25

Sept 2007 – BBC Radio 1FM 40th Birthday
Scott Mills talked about the 1FM cars on his radio show and asked for anyone who owned one to call in. Matt, who owns No.9, called in and ended up on air talking about the cars with Scott. Radio 1 added photos of the 1FM and the original advert to their website. 

July 2006 – Used Car Roadshow
The programme organisers get in contact as they want to feature a 205 GTI on the show. Ian took his car No.8 down to Powderham Castle to be used in Series 2, Episode 15. Jason Dawe and Penny Mallory (who used to own a 205 GTi) are filmed talking about the car. 


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