The 1FM edition of the 205 GTi is one of the rarest 205 variants Peugeot produced.

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the launch of BBC Radio 1FM, Peugeot linked up with the BBC station to produce a limited run of 25 individually numbered cars boasting a range of additional features on top of the already high specification.

The cars were promoted heavily on the radio station in the run up to their release. The 205 1FM was also featured at Radio 1 Road Shows and other special events such as the 1992 National Motor Show and the 1992 Party in the Park where various celebrities of the times such as Aswad, Tony Hadley and Gary Davies had their photos taken with the car. Promotional flyers were printed to help promote the car as well as an official press release and other memorabilia. With a price of £17,000 the car was far more expensive than the standard 1.9 205 GTi, however the price included a £5,000 donation to the Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy Centre. This centre helps improve the lives of disabled children through music.

To emphasise the cars links with music, Peugeot called in Clarion who supplied a top of the range sound system for the car. This included a single CD head unit, the remote controlled CDC6700R, Clarions top model at the time. This was linked up to a boot mounted 6-disk Clarion CD changer, the CDC9250. Clarion 60w front speakers and 200w rear 6x9 speakers mounted in a professionally produced rear parcel shelf along with an amplifier fitted under the centre console completed the package to give a superb sound. Internally the car was fitted with full black leather seats with green stitching, grey carpets, air conditioning and a set of Radio 1FM 25th anniversary mats. A scissor jack was bolted under the passenger seat to make room for part of the Air Con system mounted in the normal jack position under the bonnet.

Externally all 25 cars were produced in black and had the sliding Peugeot sunroof. Speedline 1.9 alloys were used but with grey painted centers and silver rims, these were the same alloys that were used on the 309 GTi Goodwood and the 205 GTi Griffe. The engine was the standard 122bhp catalysed 1.9 GTi engine. The 1FM's had air conditioning, power assisted steering and ABS.

The car also featured a smooth rear tailgate with 205 GTi decals. A special domed plastic Radio 1FM anniversary star decal was also used on the tailgate and the front wings behind the side indicators. Red vinyl 205 GTi stickers with vinyl star decals were featured on either side door below the plastic trim. The brass badge on the driver's door beneath the door catch is the main 'must have' on the cars. This badge had the '205 GTi 1FM' embossed onto it along with the individual number from 1 to 25, and the VIN number.

The intention was to sell the majority of the cars to celebrities to help promote the charitable cause. One of the cars was offered as a prize on Radio 1. It is also believed that at least one Radio 1 DJ had the use of a 1FM for a period of time. One appeared at the Motor Show although we believe this car was shown before the other cars were finished as the alloy wheels on this Motor Show car were black all over and the plastic 1FM star decals were missing from the tailgate and wings. It appears that Peugeot had problems selling the cars in the way they originally intended as many of the 1FM's have leasing companies as their registered first owners. Several of the cars are also on an 'L' plate rather than 'K' so must have stood around for 12 months before being registered.

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