Quick Facts

The points below highlight many of the interesting facts and history surrounding the limited edition 205 GTi 1FM.

  • 25 Peugeot 205 GTi 1FM’s were made to commemorate BBC Radio 1FM’s 25th Birthday in 1992

  • The cars had a price tag of £17,000; however the price included a £5,000 donation to the Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy Centre.

  • Each car has a brass plaque on the driver’s door showing the cars 1FM number and VIN number.

  • Other 1FM branding included decals on the wings, doors and boot, as well as printed floor mats.

  • The cars had full black leather seats with green stitching as used on the 205 Griffe.

  • Power Assisted Steering, ABS and Air Conditioning came as standard on the 1FM.

  • The stereo system was provided by Clarion and included a CD head unit with remote, 6 disk CD changer, 2 way front speakers and 3 way rear speakers in an MDF shelf.

  • Out of the 25 cars we know the whereabouts of 17, and believe another 1 still exists. 7 no longer exist.

  • Some of the 1FM’s were registered on an L plate

  • Promotional brochures were produced to promote the 1FM.

  • The jack on the 1FM is a scissor jack located under the passenger seat.

  • Some of the 1FM’s have come up for sales in the last few years as standard 205 GTi’s with most of the 1FM features missing.

  • At the PSOOC annual Pugfest in 2009, 7 of the 1FM’s were on show, the largest number since they were first made.

  • There are now several of the 1FM cars that have all of the original 1FM features.

  • 1FM No.8 was featured on the Used Car Roadshow in 2006.

  • 1FM No.1 was exhibited on the Peugeot stand at the Classic Car show in November 2008.

  • On the day of Radio 1’s 40th Birthday the cars were discussed on the Scott Mills show with the owner of No.9.

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